Burger King Drops a New Whopper


Burger King Drops a New Whopper. Calling all burger buffs—Burger King just unleashed something special, and it’s got Whopper lovers buzzing.

The Big Reveal

Monday was a big day for burger enthusiasts, especially those who swear by the Whopper. That’s because Burger King dropped a bombshell: the Candied Bacon Whopper. Now, if you’ve been lurking in the foodie world, you might’ve caught wind of this before. Last week, a sneaky BK employee spilled the beans and shared pics of the new Whopper’s packaging with food blogger Markie Devo.

What’s Inside?

Thanks to Devo’s Instagram, we got a sneak peek at the goods. Picture this: a classic Whopper, but with a twist. Sweet bacon jam, garlic aioli, candied bacon, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato—all snuggled between a sesame seed bun. And don’t forget the star of the show: BK’s flame-grilled beef patty. Hungry yet?

Grab It While You Can

Here’s the catch: it’s up for grabs now, but only for a limited time. Yup, you heard that right. Once supplies run dry, poof—it’s gone. So, if you’ve got a hankering for candied bacon goodness, better act fast.

More Tasty Treats

But hold onto your buns, folks. That’s not all Burger King has up its sleeve. Devo’s Instagram drop hinted at another mouthwatering addition: the Fiery Big Fish sandwich. Think regular fish sandwich, but with a spicy kick thanks to a creamy, fiery sauce. Keep your eyes peeled—this one’s heading to select locations soon.

Croissant Craze

And if that’s not enough to get your taste buds tingling, mark your calendars for January 30th. Why? It’s National Croissant Day, and Burger King’s joining the party. They’re offering up their Croissan’wich for just a penny. Yep, you heard that right. Whether you’re craving Ham, Egg, and Cheese; Sausage, Egg, and Cheese; Bacon, Egg, and Cheese; or the Fully Loaded Croissan’wich, Burger King’s got you covered. There’s a catch—you’ve gotta be part of Royal Perks and drop at least a buck on the Burger app or website. But hey, a penny for a pastry sandwich? That’s a steal.

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