Fans React to Netflix Series “The Gentlemen”

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Fans React to Netflix Series "The Gentlemen"
Fans React to Netflix Series, A new series called “The Gentlemen” has been making waves on Netflix recently. Based on a movie by Guy Ritchie, it’s been a big hit among viewers. But some people have been left feeling a bit frustrated. Let’s find out why!

Fans React to Netflix Series: What’s “The Gentlemen” About?

Netflix “The Gentlemen” is a series that tells a story about some interesting characters and their adventures. The main characters are Eddie Halstead and Susie Glass. Eddie inherits some land, but there’s a problem: it’s being used by people who grow illegal plants. Susie is in charge of these people while her husband, Bobby, is in jail.

Fans React to Netflix Series "The Gentlemen"

Fans React to Netflix Series: Why People Love It

Many people really enjoy watching “The Gentlemen.” They say it’s exciting and they love the actors who play the main characters, especially Theo James and Kaya Scodelario. They think the actors do a great job of making the characters come to life on the screen. Coinqqslot

Fans React to Netflix Series: The Chemistry Between Eddie and Susie

One of the most exciting parts of the show is the relationship between Eddie and Susie. People love watching them on screen together and wonder if they will become a couple. This is called “will they-won’t they” in the showbiz world. pola slot

The Complaints

Even though people love the show, some of them are a bit frustrated. They were really hoping that Eddie and Susie would become a couple by the end of the series. Some viewers wanted them to kiss or at least show that they liked each other more.

Fans Express Their Thoughts

Some fans took to social media to share their feelings about the show. One person said they were really looking forward to seeing Eddie and Susie get together. Another person joked that they would have to wait for season two to see any romance between them.

The Kiss That Never Happened

One viewer even mentioned that they took one mark off their rating of the show because Eddie and Susie never kissed, even though there was a lot of chemistry between them. They thought it was a missed opportunity for a romantic moment in the series.


In the end, “The Gentlemen” is a show that has captured the hearts of many Netflix users. They love the excitement and the characters, especially Eddie and Susie. But some fans can’t help feeling a little disappointed that their favorite characters didn’t share a romantic moment on screen. However, they’re still hopeful that maybe in the next season, they’ll get to see Eddie and Susie finally get together.

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